Active Participation

We are launching a new points system for active members within the UCF chapter of DEI. All participation will now be split into five categories: Community Service, Career Service Volunteer, Social Events, Career Development, and Miscellaneous. In order to be eligible for the UCF Chapter’s DEI Student Service Award, you must receive 50 points in each category except Miscellaneous and a total of 250 points. This award recognizes the outstanding involvement, participation, support and service of a single chapter member. Eligible applicants will write a short essay and interview with the Award Selection Committee. In addition to being the guest of honor at the annual DEI Induction Ceremony, the recipient will also receive a $300 monetary gift.

Each month, DEI and Career Services will provide many opportunities to earn points which are listed on our “Event/Volunteer Opportunities” page, monthly newsletter, and the UCF Career Services website. On our events page, each event listed provides the date, time, and points allotted in which category. Active Participation Points forms are available to print from this website (click here to download) or pick up from Career Services Experiential Building. If you are attending a DEI-sponsored event, participation forms will be provided. Please fill out each form completely. If any information is missing from the form, we have a right to withhold your points. You may submit forms by hand to a DEI-at-UCF advisor or board member, or by dropping the form off at our mailbox, located in the Career Services Experiential Learning building at the 2nd-floor front desk. The CSEL building is located on Memory Mall between the FAIRWINDS Almuni Center and Psychology building. If you have any questions about our new points system, please feel to contact us at

Click here to look up your total points for each category and overall total by the NID you provided on your Active Participation Points form.

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